MKULTRA index of topics

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17354_0010 SubProject 1 – memo 4/24/53 Isolation / characterization of alkaloids of Impoea Sidafolia Choisy (Rivea Corymbosa) – affecting central nervous system
– “hypnotic.. mentally disorienting”
17355_0016 SubProject 10B Memo 8/29/56
LSD Research _0024 – drugs, especially LSD and alcohol
_0034 Memo, SubProject 10A – LSD and related drugs effects study
_0036 Prospectus page 1
17356_0016 SubProject 100 Obtaining maximum information from soil samples
_0035 – letter 12/4/62 Further detail subproject 100
_0058 – Memo 12/7/60
17357_0012 Memo 9/23/59 Transfer of energy /physical activity of biologically active materials – related to “current and proposed projects”
17358_0022 SubProject 102 Study of social group influences in different cities – operational report page 1
17359_0014 SubProject 103 Evaluation Study – International youth groups and resulting behavior, looking for aspects which may relate to internationalism
_0011 Memo 12/10/59
Youth both domestic & foreign who may be of interest to the Agency
17392_0026 July 1963 Sub Project 133 – “Project Crypto” Interesting description of bacterial/microbial dissolution of sulphur compounds; “ ‘C’ [scientist] has furnished three cultures with interesting characteristics for application to the power source studies under MKULTRA #78.”
_0027 – “Internally generated in support of the requirements to seek new and better sources of energy for battery application.”
17438_0012 Sub Project 40 18 June 1956 New LSD studies – includes aerosol delivery system research for other psychochemicals
17439_0021 Sub Project 41 “The purpose of Sub Project 41 is to provide payment for the synthesis of rare organic chemicals that are not commercially available. These materials will be available for use on approved CD projects.”
“… Top Secret…”
17439_0018 Mail correspondence instructions, involving techniques to ensure secrecy
17440_039 Sub Project 42 22 May 1963 “… to support ______’s covert and realistic field trials of certain research and development items of interest to TSD, and to maintain the physical facilities required for these trials.” “In the past year a number of covert and realistic field trials have been successfully carried out. The results of these experiments have provided factual data essential to establishing protocols for a number of contemplated operations…”
_0042 – Category: Offensive Biological and Chemical Weapons (“BW/CW”)
17441_0007 Sub Project 143 Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility “_________ M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Principal Investigator”
Sub Project 44 Screening of psychochemical materials
_0028 Memorandum for the record Includes “… a ward with subjects for human testing…”
17443 – EMPTY!!! Sub Project 45 is MISSING!!!
17444_0026 Sub Project 46 Psychotropic drugs / metabolism / tolerance / central nervous system activity
17445_0021 Sub Project 47 “Proposal: The testing in animal and humans of chemicals and biochemicals which alter behavior. Place: Section on Pharmacology Bureau of Research in Neurology and Psychiatry New Jersey Neuro Psychiatric Institute Box 1000 Princeton, New Jersey”
17446_0095-99 Sub Project 48 “… study of foreign nationals under the cover of a medical-sociological study.”
_100 “In order to understand these Communist police methods more fully and to develop countermeasures for dealing with them, it is necessary to carry out further experimental investigations. Ideally, these investigations should take the form of a precise reenactment of the Communist procedures using human subjects. But both humanitarian and practical considerations make it impossible to do this within the continental limits of the United States…” Downgraded to Confidential June 1977
17447_0049 Sub Project 49 Continuing studies in Hypnosis
_0050 “At the present time, there are no good criteria for determining the ‘genuineness’ of hypnosis…”
Sub Project 5 5 Experiments: “Experiment 1 – N-18 Hypnotically induced anxieties to be completed by September 1.
Experiment 2 – N-24 Hypnotically increasing ability to learn and recall complex written matter, to be completed by September 1.
Experiment 3 – N-30 Polygraph response under hypnosis, to be completed by June 15.
Experiment 4 – N-24 Hypnotically increasing ability to observe and recall a complex arrangement of physical objects.
Experiment 5 – N-100 Relationship of personality to susceptibility to hypnosis. …
Experiment 6 – The morse code problem, with the emphasis on relatively lower I.Q. subjects than found on University volunteers.
_0025 “Experiment 7 – Recall of hypnotically acquired information by very specific signals.”
17483_0020 SubProject 81 Memo 4/14/58 Psychological examinations studying the adjustment of a foreign group to living in the US
17484_0019 SubProject 82 Study of refugees adjusting to new environment
0015 – more details – refugees came from a communist environment where they were subjected to discrimination
17485_0022 SubProject 83 Handwriting analysis
17486_0038 Subproject 84 Study of induction of motivation in individuals through interpersonal relationships 0040 – Hypnotism
0042 – suppression of pain by hypnosis; Pentacostal church groups
0058 – memo 4/17/58 hypnosis involved in production of high motivation to serve Agency goals
17487_0010 SubProject 85 Blood groupings for forensic identification
17488_0012 SubProject 86 Polygraph testing enhancement
17489_0023 SubProject 87 8/13/63 Investigation of Hyper-allergic substances “Internally generated in support of the requirement to maintain an offensive chemical toxicants capability.
17490_0011 SubProject 88 Memo 7/9/58 Research on Culture Appraisal
_013 – _015 Draft of Proposal … in order to understand a forign culture for exploitation purposes
17491_0018 SubProject 89 Handling of defectors based on studies of Hungarian defectors who chose to return to Hungary
17492_0022 SubProject 9 Continue and complete the comparison in normals and schizophrenics of the threshold of various sternatutory agents.
Continue and expand the study of depressant drugs which may more adequately control the psychiatric patient.
Test new drugs which may be beneficial in alcoholics or schizophrenics. 8/1/53-7/31/54 _0019 – Memo for the record
17493_0015 SubProject 90 Study of ways to influence (Soviet?) scientists who come into contact with Americans. _029 – proposal
17494_0022 Subproject 91 Development of advanced animal screening processes and preclinical pharmacological testing for the development of psychochemicals.
_0024 Proposal Animal testing, pilot testing
17495_0017 Subproject 92 Streamlining effective methods of teaching modern foreign languages, including the use of automated “teaching machines”
17496_001 Subproject 93 Bacterial and fungal toxins research Required $14,820 5/7/59 – 7/1/62
17497_0019 Subproject 94 Locating brain centers to be used for controlling animals, using electrodes; “remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated.”
17498_0021 Subproject 95 Cross-cultural meaning systems to aid in “________ and in the technical support of political activities.”
17499_0019 Subproject 96 Application of the psychology of personal constructs to foreign cultures and research attitudes and personality information on researchers.
17501_0025 Subproject 93 Mass Conversion “(1) Who is susceptible? (2) Under what conditions are changes affected? (3) What is the nature of the change?
17502_0028 Subproject 99 “The purpose of Subproject 99 is to provide continued support for the work and services of Dr. ____ at ____ and of various of his co-workers. The work and services are related to certain physical studies which have a definite bearing on various biological and physical problems of interest to the Agency. 2. The project will support studies on the optical rotary power of solid and liquid crystals… Possible practical applications of this work could be practical methods for modulation of light intensity by electrical fields, and the development of simple types of optical shutters… These relate to physical studies which are required to develop effective materials which will influence the human nervous system… His coworkers are unwitting of Agency interest.”
17748_ OVERVIEW OF MKULTRA with some mention of MKDELTA, Bureau of Narcotics involvement
17749_ MKULTRA “Memorandum for the Record” Some statements on unwitting testing.
17755_ Untitled document describing research on the influence of human behavior, including human experimentation at mental institutions.
20476_ MKULTRA – Institutional Notifications A list of institutions involved in the program, along with respective subproject numbers. “DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION” involved in subprojects 3,14,16,42,132,149 and MKSEARCH 4
21121_ Subproject 130 “Personality Theory in Patients with Different Symptoms”
21341_ Details of Subproject 130
21810_0036 “25 calves @ $60 each… Hewlett-Packard Model 3380 B Sine wave generator” Electrodes placed in brains of calves, neuroanaesthesia
21815_ Buying cats, breeding, purpose unspecified
Implants and heart-powered generators
21820_ Another progress report on electrode design development for use on animals for testing
21822_ Proposal for a research contract to study “Physiological Mechanisms Underlying the Electrodermal Response and their Behavioral Significance” – cats, sweat glands…
21847_ 1973 report on the effectiveness of electric fish in detecting foreign objects at a distance and methods used for ranging and location
21914_ Donkey and rat brain stimulation experiments
21949 Memorandum for receipt of “classified materials” for “Visual Incapacitation Systems Analysis” (Light-Induced Visual Impairment”) …
21950_ Trip Report Memo, “Non-Lethal Personnel Incapacitation”
21956_ “Kirlian electrophotography”
21970_ Antenna theory, experimentation
21997_ “Proposal – STUDY OF THE SENSITIVITY AND RESPONSE OF WEAKLY ELECTRIC FISH TO STATIC AND PULSED MAGNETIC FIELDS” – “development of bionic devices”, “man’s response to stimuli during space travel”
21998_ Effects of magnetic fields on behavior
22001_ “Sleep Learning” “foreign language learning”
22003_ The Backster Effect, plant awareness
22006_ Cat experiments, sweat glands
22007_ Body-produced electrical power for implanted electronic devices (including pacemakers)
22008 Studies on Cardiovascular health and prevention of heart disease, including exercise

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