Flashback: The Alex Constantine File

Posted: December 5, 2008 in 1

I visited Alex in the summer of 1998, at his home in Los Angeles. Although he greeted me initially with caution, he allowed me to crash out on his sofa, and the next morning I eagerly treated him to breakfast at a nearby diner.

I had written a script called “Faction” and met an agent at one of the four Hollywood agencies, United Talent Agency, at Alex’s home. I was also in town for a screening of “Bang,” an indie film milestone that was said to have cost less than a single costume for “Batman” to make. The star was Darling Narita, and her mother, Jude, the executive producer, was also a performance artist I met while in college in Syracuse. I had met the both of them at a previous premiere in New York, and I later introduced Jude to my father at his home, where he had written a script with Paul Monash based on his book “George Wallace.”

But beyond all the movie talk, there lay an old leather suitcase, seemingly neglected, in a dark corner of Alex’s apartment. Inside were volumes of letters, many of them handwritten, from people who were seeking out Alex with their own proofs of being implanted, experimented on and harassed by mind-control and EM assaults. There were x-rays, photographs, medical records, a mountain of proof that Alex was telling the truth. I had read his two books on the subject of illegal mind control experimentation, “Virtual Government” and “Psychic Dictatorship in the USA.”

Fast-forward 7 years. It is 2005, in China. I walk into a Beijing DVD store and come across  “Control Factor,” a Sci-Fi Channel production barely making the B grade, if that. Also about mind control, the film incorporated so many of Alex’s writings that it even went so far as to name a paranoid/psychotic murderer version of Alex, “Trevor Constantine!” Alex was irate, needless to say, when I emailed him about the find. He’d already heard about the show, and now that it had showed up in China on a pirated DVD, it was, for him, “the last straw.”

Where is this all going? Where are we 10 years later?

Available on pirated DVDs in China


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