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Posted: August 8, 2007 in Journal

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Since before my days as a 16-year-old intern at Magnum Photos, photography has become a kind of life partner: we were married when I was 14, we had lots of romance and lots of kids (the images), our relationship has aged like wine, and although the same adventurous aspects of our relationship have slightly waned (no more trips to war zones like Nicaragua in ’87 — at least yet), it’s conversely become highly evolved, moving into film and video along with an elevated professional attitude. Commercial photography, as a business, has many aspects which differ from region to region. In the West, there are people who specialize in a single discipline. One person art directs, another presses the shutter release, another handles Photoshop, and they are all blindingly proficient in their respective disciplines. In the East however, especially China, the photographer needs to also fulfill the role of producer, arranging everything from talent to locations to the delivery of RGB tiffs to the agency (CMYK is too printer-specific, in a region where there is little calibration).

Learning and executing the producer-photographer role is a challenge I’ve welcomed since the beginning. In the process, I’ve made quite a few friends in the industry who themselves command in increasingly healthy level of respect, both from myself and their clients.

This blog is a place where you can read of my exploits, some of which might be a tad entertaining. Spies, drug dealers, escort girls, advertising executives… it’s all here.


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